Non-Clinical Professions For Healthcare Professionals

When we hear the term 'clinical', the image that come to mind is that of a hospital, a clinic or a healthcare center. Until recently, a profession in healthcare meant direct involvement with patient care; which is not entirely the case today. The avenues in healthcare have broadened to include professions that don't necessarily mean working in a hospital or a clinic. These professions are non-clinical and require healthcare expertise outside the patient care settings. However, indirectly, the non-clinical professions work towards improving Patient Care- the basic motto of healthcare.

These non-clinical professions are a breakthrough in the conventional image of the healthcare sector. In a non-clinical setting, the doctor may become a healthcare business analyst weighing the pros and cons of setting up a medical device company. A nurse may play the role of a software analyst guiding a team of software professionals in preparing a software application for patient admission. A midwife may become a writer, educating expectant mothers through various informative articles on a related website.

The diversification of conventional roles in healthcare has attracted many aspirants from both- outside the sector as well as from within it. Not only are opportunities available for the first-timers, but also for seasoned clinicians who might want an alternate career option, in which case, their clinical experience is an added advantage indeed.

Non-Clinical Professions Are Designed For Professionals Who...

  • Do not go by conventional rules
  • Look around for new challenges
  • Wish to shift career paths
  • Wish to explore new options
  • Want to pave ways into lucrative non-clinical positions
  • Are nearing retirement and looking for further income
  • Are looking for a creative approach to healthcare
  • Are looking for a career transition
  • Are willing to accept change

Non-Clinical Career Options for Medical Professionals

  • Medical communications/writing/education
  • Medical marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotional educational
  • Certified medical education
  • Medical publications
  • Paid blogging, and more
  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Health Information Technology (Health IT)
    • Ectronic health records (EHRs)
    • Personal health records (PHRs)
    • Decision support analysis
    • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and more
  • Pharma/Biotech
    • Clinical research
    • Regulator
    • Writing and more

RIGHT-ING Information In Healthcare: Medical Writing

Many of you, in the course of your clinical practice, might have come across situations, where you thought you could have guided your clients in a better way. There might be instances when- as a doctor you felt that whatever you explained at length about cholelithiasis to a patient, not a single word was heeded to; as a nurse you felt that health education about care of a neonate to the new mother went unheard; as a physiotherapist you felt the patients do not exercise their muscles as per your instructions to or as a lab technician you found the patient has not prepared himself for the test as per the instructions All these scenarios point towards one common problem- COMMUNICATION GAP. We must understand that a patient represents the a common man who does not understand the medical terminologies and are rather scared of then. Mention of a single term that bounces off their head, makes them dis-interested in the content- how ever valuable it might be. In contrast, there is another group- the peers- people who are well versed with medical language and are comfortable using it. Same communication for both the groups does not work; the content should be customized for each.

These are very few examples from a limited setting in healthcare; there are plenty of instances where ends do not meet because the information was not expressed or written properly, in the way the target audience would understand. Expressing or writing information the right way may sound easy, but can turn out to be a Herculean task when you actually get down to doing it. Expressing scientific thoughts or writing medical information the right way- is what we call MEDICAL WRITING- it is an essential and indispensible quality in the healthcare sector- be it clinical or non-clinical professions. This quality of writing right is inborn is some and imbibed by others. And it is never too late- to polish the skill if you already have it or to learn it if you don't.

Contributing to Healthcare the WRITE way- Medical writing is one of the non-clinical ways to contribute to healthcare. It requires the art of a writer and science of a healthcare professional to make a complete medical writer.

Organizations and Job functions seeking Medical Writing Skills

Academic Medical Centers

  • Associate Scientific Director
  • Scientific Supervisor
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Patient Counsellor
  • E-Learning Courseware developers
  • Pharmacist
  • Training Executive
  • Medical Educators/ Tutors

Pharmaceuticals/ Biotech

  • Scientific Writer
  • Digital/ Social Media Managers
  • Regulatory Writer
  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical data coordinator
  • Clinical compliance coordinator
  • Medical Editor
  • Medical Copy Writer
  • Research Associate
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Executives


  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Editor
  • Medical Content reviewer
  • Drug Product Data
  • Content Writer
  • E-learning ,
  • Proof reader
  • Journalism Media


  • Communication Executive
  • Creative Head
  • Medical Editor
  • Medical Writer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Analysts
  • SEO specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Health UI/UX professional
  • Marketing and Communication specialist

Mobile Health Apps

  • Content Writers
  • Medical Editors
  • Digital Marketing
  • Compliance Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Social /Digital Marketing Manager/ member


  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Pharmacovigilance Medical  Writer
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Research Associate
  • Medical Report Analyst
  • Patient coordinator
  • Patient educator/ communicator
  • Clinical compliance coordinator
  • Medical data coordinator

Payer/ Health Insurance

  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical insurance underwriter
  • Risk Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Patient Outreach Manager
  • Care Coordinator
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Writer

Medical Communication Agency

  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Medical Writer
  • Medical Editor
  • Medical Reviewer
  • Medical illustrator
  • Social Media Content Strategist
  • Healthcare communication specialist
  • Instruction/ Storyboard designer

Healthcare IT/BPO/KPO

  • Project Manager
  • Medical writer / Technical writer
  • Medical UI/UX designer
  • Medical Coder
  • Patient Information Officer
  • Medical Transcription
  • Data Analyst
  • Clinical document specialist
  • Medical Records Coordinator
  • Health Information System Manager
  • Document Imaging Technician
  • Patient / Care Manager

Medical Devices Company

  • Compliance Manager
  • Brand/ Product Manager
  • Brand communication expert
  • Social Media Outreach expert
  • Medical Writer / Content Writer
  • Delivery Manager

Healthcare Consulting

  • Business/Market Analysts
  • Research Associate
  • Drug pipeline analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Healthcare strategy expert/ consultant
  • Medical Application Consultant/ expert
  • Social/ Digital Media Expert
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