How it Works

How does the PBL-powered Advanced Training in Medical Writing program work?

  1. On enrolment, the participants will be provided with tutorial LMS access to begin training.
  2. The participants are expected to complete the following milestones, strictly within the specified time limits:
    1. Foundation program in effective medical writing and its given assignments.
    2. Writing for consumers/ patient communication and its given assignments.
    3. Scientific/ publication writing and its given assignments.
    4. Medico- marketing Writing and its given assignments.
    5. Writing for Social Media and its given assignments.
    6. E-learning/ Storyboarding and its given assignments.
  3. On successful completion of all the above milestones, the participants WILL BE DEEMED ELIGIBLE for the PBL activities, as described below:
    1. The participants would be divided into a group of 3-4.
    2. The instructor will share the industry-based medical writing and communication cases for the group activity.
    3. The respective group members will discuss the case, understand, brainstorm the problem.
    4. The group members would analyse and structure the results of their brainstorming session and formulate content strategy for the given case.
    5. The group members will divide their deliverables, and will do independent writing based on their learning in the Milestone 1 to 5).
    6. Finally, the group will compile the respective writing as per their drafted content strategy and present it (the case problem and the solution they came up with) for the final 360* feedback.
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