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Zahid Nabi
A specialized writer who is trained to produce scientific documentation, that clearly describes the product use, research results and other medical information. These documents must also comply with the standard regulatory guidelines and the other obligatory laws.

A medical writer doesn't necessarily need to be one of the doctors or the scientist who performed the research; however, he should have at least the clear understanding of the science / research skill to present that information to the target audience in its complete form so as to hit the right note or to earn the desired objective.

The audience targeted generally include, Doctors, medical specialists, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, software companies, hospitals, clinics and many more

The most important or essential qualities of a medical writer can be stated as follows:
  • Attention in Detail: Observing each and every minute details while reading the content and presenting it in a short, precise and clear manner
  • Ability to write: A person should possess writing abilities. He should be accurate and well versed with the grammatical and other important aspects of writing like punctuation, styling, proofing etc
  • Working across teams: Medical writing requires a person to work across a variety of people. Interactions with clients, designers, professionals, technicians.
  • To learn new subjects/topic: A medical writer should have high motivation and interest of the subject of which he has no prior in depth understanding or knowledge
  • Team collaboration, time management and ability to work independently without supervision
  • A medical writer can be of any educational background, provided he/she has a good understanding of the subject in discussion, e.g. there are many medical writers who come from English or journalism background having good understanding of medical subjects
  • It's all about clear thinking, ability to gather right facts, evaluating, examining and considering the right options. You should write to express, not to impress
  • All the related information must be presented in a proper flow, it should be easily understandable, the facts should be expanded in the form of paragraphs and overall it should give the reader a sense of complete satisfaction or understanding
  • A medical writer may also require conducting thorough research and also combining his own knowledge and experience in order to generate a usable written content. He can use many resources like web, books newsletters etc for his research.
  • Time management is very crucial in medical writing. A person needs to complete the assignments well before the deadlines.
  • A effective communicator is one who can speak clearly and write clearly
There are several types of Medical writing. Few of them are advertising, proof reading, regulatory documents, internet content, medical education presentations, white papers etc

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