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Medical writing is an art of communicating medical information to a range of audiences in myriad scenarios. It requires a subtle union of scientific knowledge and skills to present precise information to intended audience. Medical writing is fast growing field relating clear analysis of scientific data and its well structured documentation for medical fraternity and regulatory authorities.

Any new drug has to go through the complex regulatory procedures, clinical trials and finally market approval. A new drug's success largely depends on regulatory compliant documents. Regulatory writing is an integral part of drug development and approval process. This sort of writing involves investigational new drug applications (IND), clinical study reports, safety update reports, adverse incident reports and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) briefing documents etc.

In the marketing area, documents are produced both for healthcare professionals and patients. Promotional writing involves communicating clinical knowledge to physicians, pharmacists so that better treatment outcomes can be achieved. Product monographs, sales training manuals and advertising copy for pharmaceuticals, biotech devices and vaccines are the main aspects of medico-marketing writing. Manifestations of the drug attributes in sales promotional document are written precisely and accurately as per the guidelines of regional regulatory authorities. Failing to do so or exaggerating the effects can lead to severe penalties for promoting organization.

Medical writing also offers inventive marketing solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Informative brochures illustrating the benefits and side effects of the drug are also created. Medico-medical writing also includes webcasts, medical videos, medical CDs and DVDs that require effective and concise drafting.

Educational medical writing is all about general documentation for the public. Complete detailed specifications are usually not required. Instead, they are vaguely summarized and simple in presentation. It also involves activities like continuing education (CE) and continuing medical education (CME).

Attention to detail, ability to write effectively and clearly are the two most important qualities of a medical writer. Accuracy in understanding the topic and logically organizing the information in document is necessary.

Medical writing field is growing at tremendous pace. The need for well structured documents which comply with the standards is obligatory in drug development process. The acceptance of drug to an extent depends on quality of product monographs and sales promotional documents.

According to Center Watch analysis, the medical writing market has grown more than double during 2003-2008. Much of this growth is due to the implausible breakthroughs made in pharmaceutical sector. New drugs are constantly coming in, creating even larger need of medical writers at every stage. Regulatory bodies are also tightening their rules around the world. They are asking for increasing amounts of documentation and trials confirming a drug's efficacy and safety. This is unavoidable situation for drug manufacturers ensuring a continuous growth in medical writing field.

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