Course Curriculum

Milestone -1

Foundation in Medical Writing

  1. Introduction to Medical Writing and Healthcare Communication
  2. The writing process
  3. Writing for digital and print media
  4. Research skills for generating quality medically-accurate content
  5. Copyrights and Plagiarism
  6. Rules of effective Medical Writing
  7. Email Writing for business communication

Participants would be given 30 days to complete the Foundation in Medical Writing assignments set.

Milestone -2

Writing for consumer/ patients/ caregiver/ guardian/ customer

  1. General rules for consumer writing
  2. Types of consumer writing
  3. Writing for website/portal/ mobile-apps/ chat-bots
  4. Consumer news
  5. Consumer reviews
  6. Blogs
  7. Newsletters
  8. Fact-sheets
  9. Care guides

Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -2.

Milestone -3

Scientific / Publication and Regulatory writing

  1. General rules for Scientific writing
  2. Scientific news
  3. Scientific reviews
  4. Writing research papers for journals
  5. Case reports
  6. Drug monographs
  7. Abstract writing
  8. An overview of Regulatory/Clinical trial documents.
    • Medical writing in clinical research
    • Clinical trial process
    • Activities involved in clinical trial process
    • Study designs
    • ICH
    • GCP
    • Roles of IRB/IEC
    • The role of investigator
    • Clinical trial protocol writing
    • Clinical trial regulation in India
    • Pharmacovigilance
  9. How to get yourself published
    • Publishing in print media
    • Publishing in online media

Participants would be given 30 days towards this milestone -3.

Milestone -4

Medico-marketing writing

  1. Understanding medico-marketing writing
  2. Steps in writing a marketing material
  3. Types of medico-marketing writing
    • Sales aids
    • Posters
    • Sales/Consumer training materials
    • Product ads/Corporate ads
    • Leave-behinds/flyers
    • White paper
    • Case-studies
    • Business insight reports
    • Proposal writing
    • Product monographs
    • Public relation materials
    • Blogs
    • Web content
    • Brochures

Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -4.

Milestone -5

Social media writing/Digital marketing for healthcare professionals

  1. Developing a Social Media plan
  2. Principles of effective social media writing
  3. Developing content for Social Media
  4. Using Web Content as Source Material for Social Media Content
  5. How to write for Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging
  6. Hands-on practice in revising social media content and tips for effective social media writing

Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -5.

Milestone -6

e-learning and Medical Writing

  1. Understanding the e-learning environment
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning
  3. Developing e-learning courseware
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Assessment in e-learning

Participants would be given 15 days towards this milestone -6.

Milestone -7

Group Case/Problem-Solving and applying the learnings from Milestone 1 to 6 using Problem Based Learning Approach.

The participants will be divided into groups for the PBL activities. Each group would solve the given real-time problem, the solution of which would be centred around medical communications. The PBL approach would help the learners co-create knowledge as they go about solving the problem.

Each PBL group would create and present medical content, including the below mentioned, to achieve the desired goals as discussed in the case:

  1. Content strategy involving scientific writing/publication and patient education
  2. Content – text, images, storyboard, social media post, video for the proposed content strategy
  3. Presentation by the team.
  4. 360-degree peer-to-peer learning and feedback and rating by the other team members ,moderator and instructors.

Participants would be given 30 days towards this milestone -7

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