Why Us

PBL Powered Advanced Training in Medical Writing helps the learners not just learn theory but also apply their acquired knowledge and skills to solving real-time problems relating to medical communications in healthcare setting.

Learn from the provider of medical communication services since 2008 – the trusted supplier and partner to:

  • Thousands of physicians and nurses in hospitals and private practice
  • Large online portals
  • World's leading publication houses providing educational content for medical and scientific resources
  • Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • Healthcare conferences
  • Major Healthcare IT companies
  • Universities
  • Payers

Contemporary Pedagogy

  1. Medical writing training is more effective when delivered online since you may require sourcing or referring more than 80-90% content for your writing from online sources. Also, the technology advances have made all the writings and its publishing computer-based. Thus, we build platform for better performance and result.
  2. The PBL approach is evidence-based and prepares participants:
    • To understand and apply medical writing best practices in real time
    • To think critically and creatively
    • To work independently
    • To network and collaborate with professionals and businesses

Practical and Self-Paced

The program provides a real-time learning platform for participants to attain the requisite medical writing skills to excel in their career. The participants can complete the training anytime within six months of the enrolment date.

*Extension will be given on request (stating a valid reason) for another 2 months from the date of enrolment.

Note: The participants are advised to complete the training within the time period specified. Any extension of the training for upto 3 months would attract a surcharge of 25% fee.

Experience and Expertise

The program is designed based on our experience of medical writing and our adoption of the best industry practices. Our team has experience of working on a wide range of medical writing projects for its global clients. As an organization, we have trained over 2500 plus professionals worldwide in medical writing. Our objective is to provide usable, affordable and experiential training for medical professionals. IMC is into the business of Medical/Healthcare marketing and communication. Therefore, the participants get to learn the writing standard and its application based on the wide range of projects executed by the company for its clients worldwide. Visit www.imcdigital.life to learn more about us.

Assignments – Portfolio of your medical writing

The secret sauce of your medical writing success is your assignments. These assignments given after every milestone would help you and our team to assess your progress in writing and identify the gaps and provide feedback and suggestions to improve it. Your assignments are reviewed by an experience team who hold distinction in medical writing. The tutorials are bundled with over 15 sets of assignments to help evaluate your learning at each milestone. On successful completion of the assignments, you will be eligible for the PBL activities and awarded training completion certificate.


As working professionals/students, you get full flexibility to take up the training - anytime and anywhere. If you know the basics of computers and internet, it would be very easy and a user-friendly learning experience. What you will need is a computer and an internet connection. This program is presented in an asynchronous format. It means that students are not required to attend class at a certain given time, but can login and access the program when it is most convenient for them.

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