AI-designed drug to enter human clinical trials for the first time

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British start-up Exscientia and Japanese pharmaceutical firm Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma have created a drug molecule to treat Obsessive compulsive disorder using Artificial Intelligence.  The precisely engineered drug will enter phase one trials in Japan which, if successful, will be followed by more global tests. The firm is working on potential drugs for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease and hopes to have another molecule ready for clinical trials by the end of the year. AI took 12 months to develop the drug molecule, which conventionally takes more than five years. The chief executive Prof Andrew Hopkins, Exscienta, described it as a “key milestone in drug discovery”..

Source – BBC news

Clinical Trail Market to emerge as a proactive business vertical

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The recent research data suggested Clinical Trial market as one of the emerging business verticals. The clinical trial market is estimated to gather substantial returns over the forecast period. The report segments Clinical Trial market into Fisher Clinical Services, PRA Health, CliniChain, Myoderm, Parexel, Bilcare, Marken, MESM, Ancillare, Covance, World Courier and etc. These companies have been competing with each other in a bid to attain a successful status in the global market.

Source: Technology magazineAI-designed drug to enter human clinical trials for

A well-informed Medical representative are adding value to the oncologist’s practice

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A recent survey, done by cardinal health found that the good number of oncologist’s relay on pharma sales representatives to gain the knowledge about new products and drug data. Apart from the new product education, pharma reps also add value by providing patient access and assistance programs, providing staff education and patient education materials. As per the survey, the oncologists prefer the pharmaceutical companies to provide the content beyond clinical and safety trial data by focussing up on patient outcome studies based on real-world evidence and drug comparative effectiveness studies.

Source – Policy and Medicine

Development of online digital resource accessible for students with visual impairment

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In today’s Digital world, new innovations and technologies are making life better; let it be about safety or health all are addressed by some or the other form of technology. But, people with visual impairment or blindness still face a lot of daily obstacles at school or workplace. 

To overcome this, an online resource, which address the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) accessible for students with visual impairment or blindness is developed.

A study was conducted which was outlined in a Design-Based Research methodology. It involved the analysis, design, development and implementation of a digital resource.

In the first stage of analysis, the accessibility challenges was made in a way that the design of strategies and specific technical solutions approach them.

The development process has revealed that users with visual impairment or blindness can access the online digital resources. The most visual contents and activities (based on videos and images) can be easily adjusted.

It suggested that the online accessible resources should be based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines. It allows the correct description of the entire content by screen readers, accessible features, using audio description and providing keyword navigation.


Pisco A A M, Joana B, Luis P, et al. Development of an online digital resource accessible for students with visual impairment or blindness: Challenges and strategies, IOS Press Content Library, Work, vol. Pre-press, no. Pre-press, pp. 1-10, 202010.3233/WOR-203085

3D Education Video improves disease knowledge of the patients

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Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a severe liver disease for which Liver transplantation is the only therapeutic option. The course of the disease is unpredictable, which creates anxiety and uncertainty among patients and caregivers. It is anticipated that improved disease knowledge may result in better health outcomes. PSC lacks high quality patient education materials. Therefore, Van Munster and his colleagues conducted a study to evaluate the ability of 3-dimensional education video to educate the patients and relatives about PSC.

A digital survey was done in which questions about PSC, satisfaction and anxiety was sent before, after, and one week after watching the video. The study comprised of 278 participants, including European and American patients and relatives. 

The results state that the PSC knowledge score was increased from 53% to 74% directly after and 70% one week after watching the video. There was a decrease in the STAI anxiety score after the video. Also, the knowledge improved more in the participants with lower baseline knowledge and/or younger age as compared to other participants.

The study results concluded that the 3D education video was useful to improve the disease knowledge in patients for unpredictable disease like PSC.

Thus, the 3D education video can be used to improve the patient education and decrease the anxiety of the patients and relatives.

Source: Munster K N V, Mil J V, Safer R, et al. Improving disease knowledge of primary sclerosing cholangitis patients and their relatives with a 3-dimensional education video, Patient Education and Counseling , 10 January 2020.

What new does digital media marketing holds in future?

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The world is moving towards digital market, therefore the way to use marketing should be adapted accordingly. Before 2010, there was no Instagram, and it is weird to imagine that time. But then Instagram was launched followed by snapchat. Now, the entire social strategies are centered on the Instagram and other social media platforms. There were several video platforms that came to an end by 2010 like Vine. However, the upgraded technology have given rise to TikTok, which is a new video-sharing social media app. Introduction of GDPR and SEO was other hot topic in 2010. Now, in 2020s SEO has become much advanced. Technology is changing and getting smarter each day. So, predicting the next evolution in social media marketing is always a big surprise. 

Source: Business 2 community

WHO guidance for digital health application and future research

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Most recently, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released guidance for digital health after performing a critical and in-depth review on the literature available. It has generated an overview on the benefits, harms, acceptability, feasibility, resource use and equity considerations of digital health interventions. It also provides insights for researchers engaged in designing, developing and validating the digital interventions. The guidelines are also foreseen to greatly impact the future research for digital applications.

It is certain that digital solutions support patients and physicians in achieving their medical goals. They have been also increasingly adopted in health care. However, data is lacking on the impact of digital applications on health care. As number and types of digital solutions increasing, there is an immediate requirement to develop evidence-based insights for the integration of these solutions in medical practices. This paper provides an overview of the guidelines and insights for researchers engaged in the development and validation of digital interventions. It also recommends that the digital tools should be developed and implemented in accordance with the principles of digital development. It extends guidance for building a supportive environment for better adoption of digital health.

Using digital means to complement the traditional education, in training and education of healthcare professionals is definitely recommended. However studies evaluating the validation of learning content are limited that makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions. Researchers need to be vigilant in using over increasing digital tools. Additionally, sustained efforts are demanded in the development of novel digital tools that could benefit both patient and physicians in health care.


Jandoo T. WHO guidance for digital health: What it means for researchers. Digit Health. 2020;6:2055207619898984. Published 2020 Jan 8. doi:10.1177/2055207619898984

The role of digital interventions in COPD care

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Many studies have demonstrated that availing Digital-technology-enabled care programs helps in reduction of hospitalizations and mortality in COPD patients. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a severe chronic disease that needs continuous care from the time of hospital admission extending to long-term ongoing self management.

The current review highlights the benefits of digital health interventions in COPD care. It also discussed the gaps and the need for further studies in COPD care.

The review is based on several recent and emerging studies along the pathway of COPD management from in-hospital care, post-discharge care, hospital-at-home, self management. The review also considered several studies on the impacts of environmental factors and public health surveillance, where environmental sensors, satellite images, wearable devices and social media were used.  

Several studies have demonstrated that digital applications can potentially reduce hospitalizations and mortality in COPD patients. Some of the studies demonstrated positive effects on reducing hospitalizations by 20% with the use of telemonitoring. Implementation of these applications is often found difficult. This demands the need for personalization of the service that increases its adaptability both by patients and healthcare professionals. Digital transformation enabled population studies also helps in improving public health surveillance.

The use of AI in the analysis of personalised data that is collected via smartphone sensors and wearable devices is also the current topic of research. It provides new opportunities for early prediction and prevention of COPD exacerbation.

However, clinical evidence for the impact of digital transformation in COPD care, especially for in-hospital and post-discharge care is limited. Therefore, further research is needed to achieve positive and beneficial results through digital transformation in COPD care.


Ding H, Fatehi F, Maiorana A, Bashi N, Hu W, Edwards I. Digital health for COPD care: the current state of play. J Thorac Dis. 2019;11(Suppl 17):S2210–S2220. doi:10.21037/jtd.2019.10.17

Medical Writing Market set to take a leap soon

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A report published by Zion Market Research says that the Global Medical Writing Market is set for Rapid Growth, to reach Value USD 2.95 Billion by 2025. The increasing requirement from healthcare and pharma communication and the growing investigational and regulatory services along with increased R&D expenditures are featured as the major driving factors in the growth of global medical writing market. Among various divisions that influence the market for medical writing, the clinical sector holds the maximum share. Regionally, North America, especially the U.S will be the leading country with highest requirement of medical writers. Europe is expected to be the second key market and Asia Pacific is forecasted to develop with highest growth rate in medical writing.

Source: Zion Market Research

Medical writer’s exceptional role in the success of medtech products

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According to Fitch Solutions, Medical device market is predicted to grow at a rate of 4.9%, with its market value hitting $200 billion in 2023. Medical devices being highly regulated, medical device consultants are greatly valued from their development through launching them in the market. Regulatory documentation, clinical trials and product communication are the key areas, which are increasingly being outsourced to medical writers specialized in those areas. They play a prominent role in the success of the product. A recent report from FlexJobs strengthens the above statement saying that, the industry with the maximum number of remote workers is Health & Medicine.Source: Medgadget