4 things to consider while choosing the right Medical Writing Training Program

medical writing training program

Honing good medical writing skills opens global career opportunities and professional development. Through email, Google search engine, Whatsapp, SMS, referrals, and others, you might have come across various centers/institutes offering medical writing training. Everyone do claim to deliver the best training, and it’s your personal preference of taking up the training and build a career ahead in the field of medical and healthcare communication.
Here is an attempt to help you with a simple checklist to select the right training institute for your medical writing and healthcare communication career.

1 Experience and Reputation of the Institute:

The reputation of institute could depend on the number of years of experience in delivering quality training, the total number of successful participants, global participation and its trainers. You have an added advantage of selecting the training provider having an association with industries/ companies; meeting their writing demand and the quality delivery standard would be an ideal one since they keep abreast of the best practices.

2 Content and curriculum:

The primary motive of any suitable medical writing training is to train the participants to generate content for medical journalism, medical education, medical marketing for healthcare products, publication/presentation, research documents and regulatory documents and others as per business demand. An ultimate medical writing training program should have the curriculum covering: consumer writing, scientific writing, regulatory and clinical research writing, medico-marketing and writing for social media.

3 Delivery of the training:

Medical Writing training is effective when delivered online.


  1. Medical writing demands the writer to develop content related to any subject under the sky: from dentistry to a wearable healthcare monitoring system; neurology to the application of AI in medical science; patient education to community outreach. It requires the writer to research and source up-to-date, fact-based content from reliable internet sources and index journals. In fact, the writer may require to source or refer more than 80-90% content for the writing from online sources. When most of the sourcing happens online, then logically the best medical writing training needs to be online.
  2. Your laptop or personal computer is a suitable platform for medical writing training since the technology advances have made all the writings and its publishing computer-based.
  3. Flexibility – As working professionals/students, you get the full flexibility to take up the training – anytime and anywhere. If you know basics of computers and internet, it would be effortless and a user -friendly learning experience. What you will need is a computer with Adobe Flash Player installed and an internet connection. This program is presented in an asynchronous format. It means that students are not required to attend class at a certain given time, but can log in and access the program when it is most convenient for them.

4 Advice and assessment:

A good curriculum and an effective writing training is incomplete without evaluation and feedback from the expert on the content generated by the learner. Your medical writing training is incomplete without a proper attempt at the assignments, its assessment, and feedback. A good institution must be strict in awarding the certificate and focus on building efficient medical writers. We recommend having the assignment for every module ranging from consumer writing, scientific writing to medico-marketing to gauge the participant’s learning and applications.

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