Providing Marketing Materials for the Biomedical Industry: Role of a Medico-Marketing Writer

We have earlier understood the role of medical writers in developing regulatory documents and their contribution in the regulatory clearance for a drug or a device. Likewise, medical writers are an indispensable part of the medico-marketing industry contributing to knowledge-based promotional campaigns and educational initiatives through their impactful medico-marketing materials.

Understanding Medico-Marketing

Once the regulatory authority approves the drug, the biomedical industries such as pharmaceutical companies market the drug to physicians and patients; the whole set of activities are termed medico-marketing. Medico-Marketing means promoting pharmaceutical products. The World Health Organization opines pharmaceutical promotion as “all information and persuasive activities executed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, attempting to affect the prescription, supply, purchase, and/or use of medical drugs”.

Medico-marketing Materials

The medico marketing team is responsible for updating health professionals and patients or end customers regarding the safe and effective use of the drug. The strategy is to create a market visibility of the drug by providing high quality and accurate information to the target audience. The major activities of medico-marketing include successful launch of the new product, promotion of the products with the help of the field force, creating brand recognition in the medical fraternity and education and spreading of awareness to the consumers. To perform these activities, the marketing team collaborates with medical writing team to develop various medical documents that facilitate marketing a pharmaceutical product. Few of the documents include:

  • Product monographs
  • Leave-behind literature
  • Brochures
  • Visual aids
  • Newsletters
  • Health blogs
  • Salesforce training manuals
  • e-learning modules for physicians and patients
  • Whitepapers
  • Web content
  • Patient Stories
  • Emailers

A medico marketing writer must have sound scientific knowledge, efficient English writing skills, creative and journalistic eye to design. Information about various social media platforms and communications can be helpful. Medico marketing writers are usually hired by pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and medical communication agencies. To be a medico-marketing writer you must have a skill of writing accurate and easy-to-understand medical content for your readers. Many medical and science background professionals may need to hone their writing skills to kick-start their career in medical writing. Apart from writing, a good understanding of the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is a must, and knowledge on basics of design can improve your profile.

Source – WHO

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