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Pharmaceutical Brand Manager and Medical Writing

Brand managers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies are responsible for creating consumer/customer-oriented, long-lasting, positioning strategies for products, to improve sales and market shares of the company.

With the emergence of digital technology and change in customers/consumers’ buying behaviours, brand managers are required to enhance their medical writing and healthcare communication skills to develop content strategies along with monitoring market trends, advertising, and planning marketing activities. 

As a Pharmaceutical / Biotech Brand Manager, you will primarily be working towards developing branding concepts and actionable strategies meeting the company’s marketing initiatives and goals.

Your roles and responsibilities would include:

· Planning and monitoring marketing budgets of the respective brands and territories.

· Developing and implementing promotional initiatives. 

· Driving strategic development of the brand portfolio. 

· Launching of new products, rebranding campaigns.

· Supporting in-market intelligence.

· KOL connect.

· Training & content development. 

Why having good medical writing skills helps in career advancement for brand managers in pharmaceutical/biotech/nutraceutical companies?
  1. Pharmaceutical/ Biotech’s business development, marketing and promotions are predominantly educating customers (medical/ healthcare professionals – HCPs) and consumers (Patients). Educating HCPs and consumers requires good understanding of the art and science of content writing crafted towards the target audience. Thus, brand managers with good medical writing skills contribute towards planning and developing educational content effectively. 
  • Patient centricity is the core of healthcare delivery.  Today’s customers (HCPs) and consumers (patients) are empowered with digital technology and communication. With deep internet penetration and dominance of social media HCPs/ consumers/ caretakers/ patients are seeking direct and medically accurate information/content about the brands. 
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media communication is widely being used from drug discovery (clinical trial recruitment) to marketing for HCPs – Healthcare Professional/consumers/ caretakers/ patients. Social media is helping to build better communication for Healthcare professionals and patients by sharing information for informed decision-making. This demands today’s brand managers to have quality medical writing skills for preparing and communicating content strategies to digital marketers or agencies. 
Digital Transformation

TheCovid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and challenges in the physical meetings with medical representatives and doctors have introduced new means of brand communications. 

These include, Webinars, Digital Outreach programs, Podcasts, Education platforms for knowledge exchange among the peers and KOLs. 

  1. This digital platform requires skills of building digital content and engagement strategies. 
  • Revenue /Sales through the internet –E-Commerce is becoming a core aspect of every Pharma – OTC / Nutraceutical Company’s marketing plan. This demands brand managers to build content strategies around social media platforms where consumers are connected with their family, friends, and like-minded people sharing their experience and voice. Your content strategy can help your brand become noticeable and drive your sales.  program from ICME has been developed according to the operational requirements of brand managers in pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical companies. The program is powered with medico-marketing and social media marketing modules along with scientific and patient education writing to make you a competent brand manager having a good command over medical writing skills. Medical writing skills help in performing jobs more effectively with better content and insights for managing marketing agencies.

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